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Construction Management

Comprehensive and specialized service for the management of construction projects. in which we offer to integrate in the early stages prior to construction, collaborating in the elaboration of the estimates of the investment plans, advising so that the design does not have problems when it is built, putting together the schedules of works based on our experience, putting together the technical and administrative specifications that will be the basis for contracting construction companies or subcontractors that will carry out the works, to then introduce ourselves to the construction management itself, supervising them and being proactive with the other actors in the project to achieve the objectives.

According to the size of the project, our company will have, in coordination with the client, the necessary resources.

The team of professionals that we will put in charge will have the knowledge, skills, experience and tools necessary to contribute to the success of the project.

Service description

  • Prepare and control the Master Plan or Master Plan of the project.
  • Collaborate in the establishment and monitoring of objectives.
  • Identify, analyze and manage the risks of the Contract, converting unknown parameters into concrete and reliable data.
  • Assist in decision making for significant or high-impact course adjustments.
  • Analyze opportunities, improvements and threats.
  • Prepare cost estimates, budgets and schedules.
  • Collaborate in the design stage together with the designers so that it is optimal.
  • Select the appropriate construction methods and strategies.
  • Interpret and explain contracts and technical information.
  • Report on the progress of the work and the budget to the Client.
  • Collaborate with those involved in the project (Projectors, Contractors, Authorities, Unions, Neighbors, etc.)
  • Advise the Client so that his Project meets legal and security requirements.
  • Collaborate in the management of the necessary permits.
  • Negotiate with suppliers, write purchase orders and monitor the execution of contracts.
  • Hire equipment and supervision of facilities.
  • Technical coordination of the project.

Benefits of contracting the service

  • Have an innovative and independent vision of the rest of the actors involved in the Project that defends their interests.
  • Be advised and feel comfortable during all phases of the project.
  • Meet the objectives in terms of costs, deadlines, job security and required quality through a systematic review of planning.
  • Provide flexibility and agility to the contracting of designs and works.
  • Obtain a comprehensive direction of the project.
  • Improve the execution of the work to increase your productivity.

The client can contract the entirety of the Service. You can also contract the different components of the same in a modular way.